Spirit of Cricket Award

 The Laws of Cricket make captains responsible for ensuring that at all times, the game is conducted within both the Spirit of the Game, and the Laws. In fact, the Spirit of the Game is as much a part of the Laws as any other Law of Cricket.

Commencing in 2003/2004, Lords Taverners (NSW) and the NSW Cricket Association has presented awards to the Grade, Shires and Sydney Women’s clubs that, during the course of the season, officiating umpires and opposing team captains judge to have best upheld the Spirit of Cricket. Just like the Club Championship, each team’s performance contributes to its club’s overall performance.


Guidelines for Assessing Teams

1      Captains’ acceptance of their responsibility for their players’ behaviour, as required by the Laws of Cricket

2      Each teams’ adherence to the principles of the Spirit of the Game including respect for team mates, opponents and the umpires’ role

3      Acceptance of umpires’ decisions


Points per Match

At the end of each match, officiating umpires will jointly award points to each team. If no officiating umpires are present, each team captain will assess the opposing team.

10 points:   Exceptional- epitomised game’s true spirit, even ahead of own team’s fortunes (must give examples of such behaviour). Examples include, but not limited to- batsman called back on a doubtful decision & fielders advising the umpires that they did not catch the ball.

8-9 points:  Played in excellent spirit for entire match. Examples include- players acknowledged the achievements & performances of the opposing team members, appeals only made when the fielding side genuinely believed the batsman was out, umpires role was respected throughout, players apologised for accidental collisions & frivolous appeals etc.

6-7 points:  Played in good spirit for entire match- Generally no disrespect or spite displayed by any players or directed at the umpires, no disputing of decisions.

3-5 points:  Uncompromising with no major incidents. Some players were spoken to by the umpires for the use of crude language or sledging of opponents; captains took action to rectify. Some mild dissent shown at an umpire’s decision.

1-2 points:  Created an antagonistic atmosphere, with some unacceptable behaviour. Umpires were required to intervene on several occasions. Captain unable to control his team; no respect shown for the opposing team or the game’s traditional values.

Minus 1:      If a player is found guilty of breaching the SCA’s Code of Conduct during a match, his team will be receive a score of minus 1 for that match.


Promotion of Spirit of Cricket

In addition, the Sydney Cricket Association’s website will publish a list of each team’s performance, both during the preceding match, and during the season to date.