4A.1    Background

Cricket is a game where polite interaction between participants and with spectators has always been an essential component.

It is part of each captain’s role to ensure that the behaviour of players in a team meet the expectations of the community generally and the cricket community in particular.

The cricket community is anxious to ensure that people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds enjoy playing and watching the game of cricket.

To facilitate this endeavour and to demonstrate that cricket is in tune with the wider community in opposing racial and religious vilification in all its forms, the New South Wales Cricket Association (NSWCA) introduces this Code.


4A.2    Purpose of  Code

The purpose of this Code is to:

i)         recognise the commitment of NSWCA to the avoidance and elimination of racial and religious vilification;

ii)         foster an environment where captains, in appropriate circumstances, deal with any alleged breach of this Code, and

iii)        establish a framework for dealing with alleged breaches of this Code where action taken to resolve such matters has not been to the satisfaction of those concerned.


4A.3    Conduct Covered by the Code

No person who is participating in a match under the jurisdiction or auspices of the NSWCA or its affiliates shall engage in any conduct, act towards or speak to any other person in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates or vilifies such person on the basis of that person’s race, religion, colour, descent or ethnic origin.


4A.4    The Relationship Between This Code and Other Rules and Regulations

This Code does not restrict any other action which may be taken in relation to the conduct covered by this Code under the Australian Cricket Board Code of Conduct.


4A.5    Procedures Following Allegation

Any allegation of a breach of this Code against a player should be directed, either verbally or in writing, to the captain of the team who shall:

a)        immediately request the player involved to apologise appropriately to the complainant , or

b)        if the allegation is not admitted, undertake an investigation of the matter at the conclusion of the match.

Any person found to be in breach of this Code as a result of an investigation by the captain, will be required to apologise appropriately to the complainant before being permitted to play in any future match.

Where the allegation of a breach of this Code is against the captain of a team who admits such behaviour, the captain shall apologise appropriately to the complainant before being permitted to play in any future match.


4A.6    Procedure Where Allegation Not Resolved to Satisfaction of Complainant

Where a complainant who has directed an alleged breach of this Code to the captain of a team is not satisfied with the outcome, the complainant is entitled to lodge a complaint with the Association governing the competition in which the team participates (the Association).


4A.7    Continuous Breaches of the Code

Where a breach of this Code is alleged against a player who has previously breached the Code, the captain will again attempt to resolve the matter.  However, if the captain regards the allegation to be more serious than the earlier occasion, the captain shall refer the matter to the Association for appropriate action.


4A.8    Reporting

Any allegation of a breach of this Code and the action taken to resolve it, shall be recorded by the captain.


4A.9    Continuous Education

NSWCA will prepare, maintain and make available to all member clubs and affiliates a booklet covering issues relating to racial and religious vilification.  The Code will be included along with references illustrating examples of racial and religious vilification identified in other sports.  Where any difficulty is experienced or is expected in implementing the principles of this Code, application should be made to NSWCA for assistance.