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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubFirst GradeSecond GradeThird Grade Limited OversU18 Brewer ShieldThird Grade T20First GradeSecond GradeThird Grade Limited OversU18 Brewer ShieldThird Grade T20
Abdulwahab, SandraCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club0120001200
Abdulwahab, SarahCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club117705117705
Afaras, IsabelleUniversities Women's Cricket Club9000090000
Aitken, EmilyUTS North Sydney Cricket Club0003000030
Aldous, TaylaPenrith Cricket Club9000090000
Alexander, MakaylaSt George-Sutherland Womens Cricket Club000170000170
Aley, SarahBankstown Sports Women's Cricket Club9000090000
Allan, JessicaGordon Womens Cricket Club0050600506
Allen, JadeUniversities Women's Cricket Club110000110000
Ambler, CharlotteManly-Warringah Cricket Club0063800638
Anand, SahanaParramatta Women's Grade Cricket Club0009000090
Anderson, EveGordon Womens Cricket Club0200002000
Andrews, Elissa LNorthern District Cricket Club012000012000
Anil, DeepikaPenrith Cricket Club412000412000
Anneveld, CharlotteGordon Womens Cricket Club1000010000
Aoina, FeliciaBankstown Sports Women's Cricket Club001122001122
Aoina, LitaraBankstown Sports Women's Cricket Club160205160205
Aoina, SolonaimaBankstown Sports Women's Cricket Club160204160204
Arnold, SamanthaPenrith Cricket Club110000110000
Arruzza, ElizabethGordon Womens Cricket Club0010000100
Astill, BradPenrith Cricket Club0300003000
Augustine, GraceCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club100160100160
Aylward, OliviaUTS North Sydney Cricket Club0004000040
Bailey, Tanya BCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club6000060000
Baker, Deni JPenrith Cricket Club100000100000
Baldock, CorrinaGordon Womens Cricket Club0010000100
Bank, MariamSt George-Sutherland Womens Cricket Club170000170000
Barkat, ElizebathCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club160000160000
Barkat, ShaguftaGordon Womens Cricket Club0050800508
Barnes, JemmaCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club0010000100
Barry, EmmaCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club0040700407
Barry, KateSydney Cricket Club170000170000
Bates, Alisha JNorthern District Cricket Club130000130000
Batty, AnnabelPenrith Cricket Club000160000160
Baumann, RosinaUniversities Women's Cricket Club0210102101
Bedi, JasmeetUTS North Sydney Cricket Club0010400104
Bell, KarinaSt George-Sutherland Womens Cricket Club000130000130
Bellamy, JessUniversities Women's Cricket Club1500015000
Bellhouse, IndiaSt George-Sutherland Womens Cricket Club0009000090
Benjamin, ZoeUniversities Women's Cricket Club111000111000
Bennett, GabriellePenrith Cricket Club0004000040
Bevan, KimCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club1070710707
Bhanage, AsmiGordon Womens Cricket Club000170000170
Bhor, NikitaParramatta Women's Grade Cricket Club8400084000
Bidwell, SamanthaCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club212201212201
Bishop, AimeeCampbelltown-Camden Cricket Club000160000160
Bissett, LaurenSt George-Sutherland Womens Cricket Club013000013000
Black, CalleePenrith Cricket Club000100000100
Blackburn, AvaBankstown Sports Women's Cricket Club001100001100
Blackburn, HettiUTS North Sydney Cricket Club0060500605